Sea Dream - Mirage Great Harbour N47

Saturday, August 16, 2014


August 4, 2014
MONDAY: Slowly progressing against the current, we made St. Louis in 12 hours. Intense barge “fleeting” operations south of St. Louis left no stopping places and St. Louis has no marinas. However, in the “heart of the city”, very near the arch, Jim Stevens of Material Services, Inc., let us tie to his very sturdy salvage barge. Several barges formed a pier of sorts, including an “H” shaped enclosure where we could tie, nearly underneath a huge railroad bridge. To reach it, we had to make sure the current didn’t push us against a bridge piling, or nearby barges. There was just enough space for Young America and us to tie, exactly at sunset, one behind the other. Jim was jovial and happy to help us out…. we felt secure and exhausted. After a 10:00 PM dinner aboard Young America we fell asleep hearing the city’s industrial heartbeat. 

3knot current on red buoy.

A few of the many AIS signals of tows in St. Louis on helm computer.

Tie on barge in downtown St. Louis.

Jim Stevens who runs barge tie in St. Louis.

Large cleat on barge we tied to.

St. Louis in morning as we left.

Casino river boats that are really just buildings on the water.

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