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Saturday, August 16, 2014

BIG Change in Plans

August 7,2014

THURSDAY: While planning this trip, we knew to expect delays and unforeseeable circumstances, and so we have. Joining two retired couples’ for several months cruising was ambitious, to say the least. Now it’s become more clear that our own, more-constrained schedule simply cannot continue to mesh with their very flexible ones.

As its happened, Joe & Punk (Carolyn Ann) are stuck in St. Charles Port, fixing their autopilot and Fred & Linda (Young America) have stopped so she can fly home for a grandson’s medical emergency. Both are now a day behind us and neither can continue for at least 5-7 days. If we’re to reach Minneapolis in time for my Seattle trip on Aug. 22, we must continue on now, without the fun of traveling together. As importantly, they’re talking now about not leaving Minneapolis before mid-October, but we need to leave by mid September. SO, group cruising is over for us, for now. If we were fully retired, like them, there’d be no problem….. but we’re not. Unpredictable events, cruising and schedules just don’t mix well. And, there are numerous & frequent river-related factors (weather, lock closures, river closures, etc.) to come.

Tomorrow we’ll head back down river. We’re a little disappointed but grateful for this great adventure, cruising with Fred & Linda and learning so much on one of the world’s mightiest rivers. We’ll miss more cruising with Joe & Punk, who were just joining us, but now we’ll have this Fall to run the Tennessee River toward Knoxville (from Huntsville), possibly with friends or family aboard. It’s been great and there’s much more to come just returning south.
Passing a barge.

Handling lines.

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