Sea Dream - Mirage Great Harbour N47

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last Day to Green Turtle Bay

August 14, 2014

THURSDAY : Letting some fog burn off, we didn’t haul anchor until about 8:00 and immediately entered the Cumberland River, toward Lake Barkley Lock & Dam. A few tows preceded us headed for the local quarries and one, the Rick Harnack, was headed for Nashville! Over the radio we got to know the friendly tow captain, another Mike, and may have lunch with him in Nashville to learn more about river “lingo & protocols”.

Barkley Lock wasn’t busy, so SeaDream and Rosalee entered right away. A short mile to Green Turtle Bay Marina and we were docked once again. Louie was glad for familiar haunts and enjoyed his deck bath. Of course then he reverted to “wild dog”, drying his coat, anywhere and everywhere. At least he was clean. A great dinner at the yacht club was an unexpected treat from Sandy & George, then off to bed.

Passing the "Rick Harnack" barge on Cumberland River.

Louis gets a bath on back deck.

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