Sea Dream - Mirage Great Harbour N47

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Welcome Lazy Day

August 9, 2014

SATURDAY: Today began lazily, included a group Costco run in the marina courtesy van and ended with us six having a story-filled dinner aboard SeaDream. During the day, we met new friends, Sandy and George (aboard Rosalee, a Bertram 42 cruiser) who want to follow us back to Green Turtle Bay. Hmmm…. will the blind be leading the blind? We’re a little apprehensive to have anyone follow us but they’re really nice folks and at least we’ve done the trip once…. them not at all.

Even weak cellphone service has been spotty and even poor internet service very rare since entering the Mississippi last week (except in downtown St. Louis). St. Charles Port Marina is a black hole, with neither ATT nor Verizon, frustrating everyone endlessly. The marina’s wifi doesn’t usually work, for which they apologize. But… big surprise…. Julie called this morning and the call worked for 15 minutes !! Mike quickly called American Airlines to change my flight reservation to leave from Nashville instead of Minneapolis. Shortly thereafter, all service disappeared again and remained out.

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