Sea Dream - Mirage Great Harbour N47

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our Own Log Jam

August 8, 2014

FRIDAY: Just after daybreak, I heard thumping at the bow and saw a huge floating debris field moving fast past SeaDream. Alerted, Mike found branches, boards and tree trunks of every size floating against us, rapidly forming their own dinghy-sized dam against our bow and anchor chain! Quickly raising the chain ten feet caused much of the debris to loosen and pass but one large trunk, about 10” diameter and nine feet long, with a fork, stuck fast at the bow. It then skipped under the bow just a few feet, held firm by the 3 knot current.

We quickly started the engines and hauled anchor but the tree trunk wouldn’t budge. SO, we cautiously powered out into the main channel, headed downstream with the current, then slowly reversed the engines. The fast current, combined with SeaDream’s subtle backward movement, released the unwelcome passenger from under the bow and we began picking our way down river through the debris. We’d gotten an unexpectedly early start and learned from the next lockmaster that a dam in Iowa had released huge amounts of water overnight that sloshed into the Mississippi, gathering the ever-present debris from its shores.

Had a nice breakfast underway while Louie returned to snoozing and we headed for St. Charles Port Marina to spend time with Fred & Linda and Joe & Punk before heading back south.

St. Charles Port Marina was full but Katy there graciously found us a spot. Entering the harbor was tight and rain was pouring but, once docked, hugs with our friends went all around. Louie was thrilled to land and see his old friends. That evening the six of us had a great dinner at the friendly Duck Club Yacht Club. Nothing beats seeing cruising buddies.

Once again, cell phone and internet service are non-existent. Darn!

Large log that was trapped under bow! Notice bow thruster splashing us away!

Dinner with Joe, Punk, Linda, and Fred.

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