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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our Last Mississippi River Run

August 12, 2014

TUESDAY: Departing again before sunrise, we had many miles to cover, and we did. With 3-5 knots of current, depending on the stretch, we hit speeds over 12 knots (13.7 mph) and actually averaged around 10 (11.4 mph).  We ran 115 miles today in 10 hours!

But, it was exhausting. Much of this stretch winds like spaghetti, continuously. The channel is often narrow, with wing, weir and chevron dams (visible and hidden) everywhere. Most are charted but not all. Hit or scrape one and your cruising is definitely over.

And, the North bound tows seemed never ending. We met three head-to-tail in one particularly tight and turbulent channel and five in another, even more convoluted section! They kick up enormous wakes, bouncing back and forth across these narrow, twisting stretches, making passing very tricky. Mike was worn out by the shear concentration required to keep us off the wing dams, under control and out of the tows’ way. Louie was tolerant but less than thrilled with the wild ride.

About 4:15 PM, we set the hook in the only reliable anchorage since leaving Hoppie’s…. Angelo’s Towhead, just off the main channel, 2 miles north of Cairo, IL. where the Ohio joins the Mississippi.  A welcome nap, dinner and movie meant bedtime because we leave early again tomorrow.

Sunrise at Angelo's Towhead Island.

Misty morning picture of "Rosalee".

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